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How to get a Meat Platter in Valheim - Gather a group of friends and make your way to the Viking-themed survival game, Valheim. 

The Meat Platter is one of the most versatile items in Valheim - the Viking-themed survival game. It is a type of food that can grant the players with a significant health bonus as well as an increase in their maximum Stamina. Not only that, the Meat Platter can also provide the players with an additional bonus of +10 Strength. This makes it one of the most desirable items in the game, and it can be crafted with the right ingredients.

Overview of Meat Platter

The Meat Platter is a unique dish made from a combination of ingredients. It consists of several different types of meat, such as boar, deer, and even draugr. The meat is mixed with a variety of spices and cooked in a stone oven to perfection. 

Benefits of Obtaining a Meat Platter

The Meat Platter has several wonderful benefits. It provides adventurers with an excellent energy boost which helps them to travel further and stay on the move for longer. The unique combination of ingredients also makes the Meat Platter an incredibly nutritious meal, providing an excellent source of protein and other vitamins and minerals. 

How to Obtain the Meat Platter

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In order to obtain the Meat Platter, players must first gather the required ingredients. These include a variety of meats, spices, and a cauldron to combine the ingredients. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll need: 

Required Ingredients
  • 1 boar meat 
  • 1 deer meat 
  • 1 draugr meat 
  • 2 mushrooms 
  • 1 cabbage 
  • 1 carrot 
  • 1 salt 
  • 2 nettles 
  • 1 Thistle 
  • 1 cauldron 
  • 1 stone oven

  • Where to Find the Ingredients: Most of the ingredients can be found in the game’s open world. Boars and deer can be hunted and killed in the wilds, while other ingredients such as mushrooms, cabbages, carrots, and nettles can be gathered from the environment. The Thistle can be found in swamp biomes, while the salt can be found in underground areas. 
  • Combining Ingredients in the Cauldron: Once the ingredients are gathered, the player must then combine them in the cauldron. This is done by placing the meats, spices, and other ingredients into the cauldron and then using the cauldron’s “Combine” function. This will create an uncooked Meat Platter which can then be placed into the stone oven. 
  • Putting the Uncooked Meat Platter in the Stone Oven: The uncooked Meat Platter must then be placed into the stone oven. The player must light the stone oven and then insert the Meat Platter. After a few minutes, the Meat Platter is cooked and ready to be eaten. 

The Meat Platter is an incredibly useful item that can be crafted in Valheim. It provides the player with a variety of benefits, such as health regeneration and increased stamina. Additionally, it also provides resistance to cold damage. To obtain the Meat Platter, the player must first gather the required ingredients and combine them in a cauldron. The uncooked Meat Platter must then be put in a Stone Oven to finish the process. With the Meat Platter, players will be able to survive longer and more efficiently in Valheim.

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