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Where to find Barley in Valheim is a guide written to help players complete a task in the video game Valheim. 

What is Barley in Valheim?

Barley is a valuable resource found in Valheim. It can be collected from the Fuling villages scattered across the map. It can also be grown in your own base by planting it in Cultivator-crafted fields. Barley is an important ingredient in the crafting of Mead, a powerful healing potion. It can also be used to craft the Containers for storing food, and is the main ingredient for making Bread.

Where to find Barley in Valheim?

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Barley is most easily acquired from the Fuling villages scattered across the Valheim map. You can loot them for Barley without having to fight the Fulings, but be warned that they will respond with hostility if you are caught.

You can also grow Barley at your base. To do this, you will need to craft a Cultivator using Core Wood and Bronze. Once you have the Cultivator equipped, you can start planting the grain with the resource in your inventory. You do not need to use any Seeds for this.

YouTuber Jiroc the Viking reveals that the highest yield of Barley can be achieved when the fields are set up in a circular shape. The same goes for Flax, which can be found in the Black Forest.

Barley is an important resource in Valheim, and can be found in the Fuling villages, or grown at your own base. It is a key ingredient in the crafting of Mead, Containers, and Bread. It is relatively easy to acquire, as long as you are prepared to face the hostile inhabitants of the Fuling villages. Once you have the Barley, you can begin farming it with a Cultivator, and set up the fields in a circular shape for the highest yield.

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