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How to Get the Arbalest in Valheim is the blog dedicated to this game. Find out how to craft this powerful weapon that can take down even the most powerful enemies in the game.

What is Arbalest Crossbow?

The Arbalest Crossbow is a powerful ranged weapon that can fire arrows in a straight line with incredible force. It is a craftable weapon that requires 10 Wood, 8 Iron, and 4 Root to craft at a level 1 Black Forge. The Arbalest boasts a weight of 1.5, 50 Durability, 200 Pierce & Staggering, and 210 Knockback. It is a powerful weapon that is ideal for taking down enemies from a distance.

How to Get the Arbalest Crossbow in Valheim?

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Getting the materials required for the Arbalest Crossbow can be a bit tricky. Wood can be found all around Valheim, while Roots can be looted from Abominations in the Swamp and Iron can be smelted from Iron Scraps. The Black Forge, however, requires a more special set of materials. You will need to gather 10 Yggdrasil Wood and 10 Black Marble to craft the Black Forge. The Yggdrasil Wood can be found in the Mistlands biome, while the Black Marble can be acquired by mining Black Cores.

Once you have all the materials needed, you can craft the Arbalest Crossbow at the level 1 Black Forge. After crafting the crossbow, you will have an incredibly powerful weapon that you can use to take down enemies from a distance with ease.

The Arbalest Crossbow is an incredibly powerful weapon that is ideal for taking down enemies from a distance. The process of gathering the materials needed to craft the Arbalest Crossbow can be a bit tricky, but the rewards are definitely worth it. With the Arbalest Crossbow in your inventory, you will be ready to take on any challenge that Valheim has to offer.

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