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2022-12-13 08:30:16

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With our help you will see that knowing how to make a sap extractor in Valheim is easier than you thought.

What to know about the sap extractor in Valheim?

  This is one of the features that are added to the game with the recent update, this is important for the creation of magical elements in the game, now looking to be aware of what we must do to have a sap extractor, indications are presented in the Next content, let's see.

How to make a sap extractor in Valheim?

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How To Play In The Public Test Branch in Valheim

Today we bring you an interesting guide to explain how to play in the public test branch in Valheim.

It requires 10 Yggdrail Wood that we obtain by cutting the same tree located in the Mistlands biome, also 5 black metals that are melted in Blast Furnace and finally the Dverger Extractor that leads us to the assault on the Dverger base, the latter is complex because When we break the chest, all those Dverger that are nearby will be annoyed, with all the materials what we will do is go to the workbench to make the sap extractor, it is useful for extracting the old roots, only not we can have them close, we will notice that the shiny roots disappear, seeing a message indicating that it is dry and they can stop producing sap, what we must do is remove the extractors and wait for the veins to shine again, therefore the use of 3 extractors for each ancient root is the most recommended, the sap will help us in the Ethir refinery to produce it refined, they are important for magical objects.

  Finally, now that we know how to make a sap extractor in Valheim we can continue progressing while having fun in this busy game.

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