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2024-04-24 09:48:10

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Today we bring you an interesting guide to explain how to play in the public test branch in Valheim.

What to know about playing in the Valheim public testing branch?

This game offers us more action, and we can enter the experimental branch of the game by pressing a bunch of buttons on the platform of your choice. Now that Ashlands has entered the PBT, we will be able to get back to testing the new early content, just as we did with the Valheim Mistlands update. Here are the steps you need to follow to join the PBT:

How to play in the Valheim public testing branch?

Before registering for Valheim PBT, we must keep in mind that the testing scope exists to help developers find bugs and get feedback from the community, here we tell you the steps to follow.


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To join Valheim PBT on Steam, we need to enable it in your library.

  • We open Steam, and we will go to our Library.
  • Then, we right-click on Valheim, and proceed to select Properties.
  • On the Betas tab, we click the drop-down box next to “Beta Participation.”
  • We select the beta version we want to join.
  • If we want to join the Ashlands beta test, we enter "yesimadebackups" in the Private Betas section and then click Verify Code.
  •  After this, a new option will appear in the drop-down box in the Beta Participation section. We proceed to click on that, then close the window. 
  • Steam will automatically download the latest experimental version of the game. 
  • If we want to go back to the live version of the game, we just go back to the Betas tab in the Properties window, to select "None" in the Beta Participation box.

Xbox Game Pass

If you play Valheim on Xbox Game Pass, we must do so through the Xbox Insider Hub application.

  • We'll launch the Xbox Insider Hub app and go to Previews.
  • We will search for the Valheim public test and proceed to select Join.
  • We wait for the registration to be completed.
  • Once we are redirected to the store page, we click on Install.

Now that you know how to play in the public test branch in Valheim, you can apply the steps according to the platform and that's it, try it.

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