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2022-12-13 08:34:29

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Tools are vital in games and that is why we explain how to make a black metal pickaxe in Valheim.

Why make a black metal pickaxe in Valheim?

  Because this is a tool that is usually necessary and is part of the most recent updates that we have in this game, with it we can do excavations and thus access certain necessary resources, with a pick we can break a mine, such is the case of using it to extract marble.

How to make a black metal pickaxe in Valheim?

  It is necessary to have:

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25 black metal bars: these are usually obtained in a blast furnace by adding black metal scrap with coal as fuel, it should be noted that these elements can also be obtained from the Fulings, but these are difficult to kill if we are not properly equipped, it is also possible to get them in wooden chests

3 Yggdrasil wood: these are obtained by cutting Yggdrasil Shoot which is abundant in Mistlads Biome, only to cut it we must have the black metal axe.

With all the work pieces to produce the beak, it is necessary to carry out this process on the level 2 workbench, when building it we can use it and this implies:


  •   Use the pickaxe to extract any resource.
  • This is a pickaxe that is usually perfect for collecting marble.
  • Each improvement that we make to this weapon allows us to have more durability of it.
  • The highest durability is 410 at level 5.


  In this sense, knowing How to make a black metal pickaxe in Valheim offers us the opportunity to delve into a very important manufacturing process, try it.

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