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Grounded is a very busy game and today it leads us to discover how to obtain drinking water in a concrete way.

What to know about water in Grounded?

We will have multiple possibilities to obtain water, a resource of great value that we can find by means of water cans, bottles that are on the floor and even in the juice box, if we want to see more details that will allow us to understand how to obtain drinking water, we should only focus on the content that will be presented in this guide, keeping in mind all the main sources of this important resource, let's see below.
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    How to get drinking water in Grounded?

    Among the best options we have cans of water, in this it is possible to find drops inside and we can use it as drinking water, the spray drops will appear after a while and we will fill the bottle through interaction with the cans, also the juice boxes that are somewhat similar what happens with the water cans, under these the drops of dew will leave us the vital liquid, therefore this option cannot be left out as one of the great sources of water .

    Now further back there are other sources of water, it is the nectar and the spray of honey, with these it is possible to recover some of our health apart from quenching our thirst, something of importance to add are the collectors of spray drops, there is water that it will be seen accumulated in the herbs by the edges what we must do is create the collectors and throw them in order to access the water of the herbs, without having to cut it, we must consider some aspects not to do, which is the fact of drinking water dirty because there may be a drop in our health.

     In conclusion, knowing how to obtain drinking water is excellent because we can advance further in this incredible and fun game like Grounded.

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