Lidia Rozo
2020-08-03 10:59:02

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The articles in Grounded play an important role and this allows us to explain how to get the Mint Mallet

What is the Mint Mallet in Grounded?

This is nothing more than a necessary and very useful tool to generate a stun, it is ideal when we are dealing with some large insects such as spiders since they are usually complex.
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How to get the Mint Mallet in Grounded?

 Here we are faced with the possibility of having to use the level 2 hammer, since this is a valuable ideal resource to get a piece of mint necessary for the mallet, the advantage is that this hammer can be made with some parts of stinky chiches and bombers.

Knowing how to get the mint gavel simply means having the chance to get three important resources and they are as follows:

  •  1 piece of mint: to achieve this, it is necessary to open the large container of Icecaps, for this we use the hammer and take this piece to our camp.
  •  3 flower petals: this is a fairly simple task and can be done anywhere, because we have the possibility that there are many flowers, we can go to the rose bushes, or choose to go to the big oak where we have the advantage of not getting many insects that can interrupt us.
  •  3 spider silks: This ingredient is a little more difficult, there is the possibility of getting this silk to kill the spider but that is a complicated task so it is better to choose to hit it a few times managing not to get trapped, and thus get to collect the necessary silk.


 Once we have the necessary materials, it is only vital to go to our camp to get the deck and thus have the advantage of being able to face insects that may be somewhat more powerful.

 In general terms, knowing how to obtain the Mint Mallet simply gives us the possibility to defend ourselves more easily against insects in Grounded.