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If you are still wondering how to attack a building with an agent in Destroy All Humans, be prepared, because here we will tell you how to do it.

What is mission nine about destroying all humans?

It is a mission in which we will have to do some damage to the federal agency, so that if you land, we will have to be prepared to destroy vehicles and kill humans, with the optional objective of killing Majestic agents with the Ion Detonator, the newest weapon you have in this mission.

How to attack a building with an agent in Destroy All Humans?

As we already mentioned, your weapon in this mission is the Ion Detonator, which you will use to fight with the federal agency. After this Orthopox will ask you to return to the dish.

You will have to destroy more majestic buildings and kill more agents. Your new optional objective is to destroy a building with a Majestic agent, which is not so simple, but you can choose an agent if you go through the point marker to kill one or just look for someone in a black suit.

The key here is to fire quick bursts of laser beam at the smallest building at the back of the water until you see fire, then quickly you pick up some Majestic agent and return to the building. Place the saucer to launch the agent into the building and shoot, the building is damaged and the agent, as you can imagine, will die.

But in case the building doesn't fall you have to re-launch the same body you just shot dead or alive.

You should be aware that the number of agents in the area is limited, so they have to be careful not to kill them all before completing this challenge or having to start again.

Once completed, take down the rest of the agents and buildings to complete the mission.

That's all you need to know about attacking a building with an agent in Destroy All Humans, we hope our article was as helpful as possible to you and you've gotten the most out of this mission now that you know how. complete it.

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