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Minecraft is definitely a pretty wide world and that's why it's important to know how to expand your map

What can we say about Minecraft?

  This is a game that has come to cause a great impact, since the mere idea of being an open world is already a lot to say, we are offered the possibility of exploring a world where there is the possibility of getting a considerable amount of biomes in the which we can probably miss, because it is simply an adventure that we can get hooked on extremely quickly, so it is crucial that you know how to expand your map, considering that there is a lot of ground to cover.
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    What are the elements necessary to expand the map in Minecraft?

    This is undoubtedly a very interesting process but it requires having some necessary elements, since nothing can be expanded or accommodated without considering the requirements.

    Making the map is a simple and interesting task that requires a compass and paper, two ingredients that we can make ourselves at Minecraft.

    •  Paper: to make the paper it is necessary to go to the rivers where we will get sugar cane stalks, the amount we need is 9 stems and proceed to take them home, then we must place them on the craft table, this means that we will place three in a row to get 3 sheets then we repeat this process two more times to get the 8 sheets needed to make the map.
    • The compass: to manufacture it, it is necessary to have 4 iron ingots and a piece of red stone powder, when we have obtained both materials we go to the oven to melt the iron, then we go to the craft table placing the red stone powder in the central box and the 4 irons surrounding it, in the up, down, left, right direction, then we place the compass in the center of the work table surrounded by the 8 paper boxes and this allows us to obtain an empty map.

    How to expand your map in Minecraft?

    There are some interesting methods to know how to expand your map and this implies:

    • Through the workbench: It is necessary that you take 8 pieces of paper, of course this process can be done several times if you want to expand it much more than planned, as this is an excellent option when you want to have much more spaces and areas where we can carry out explorations.
    • By mapping the Table Method: Mapping is simply a phenomenal tool when it comes to knowing how to expand your map and even though this allows you to do exactly the same job as the bank, since each expansion of the map simply costs a little more paper implying thereby placing two pieces of paper one on the upper slot and one on the lower slot, as this obviously leads to an expansion to achieve some terrain that has not been explored, this becomes ideal if you are one of those you want Perform large scans on Minecraft.

     Definitely knowing how to expand your map allows you to access other areas not yet explored in the world of Minecraft.

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