Lidia Rozo
2020-08-03 10:53:29

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Our Grounded guide today will explain how to make a jerky rack

Why make a jerky rack on Earth?

This is a necessary space to place food since this is vital to keep us alive, especially because it is a necessary space to accumulate the food that we will continue throughout the trips, since the idea of this is to fill the hunger meter , the idea is to get a shelf for food storage.

How to make Why make a jerky rack on Earth? on Earth?

It is important to prepare with as much protection as possible, because this is particularly due to what we can get ourselves with some complex insects both in the garden and in the southeast and northwest regions, so these enemies usually throw gas.

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To make the shelf uneven it is only necessary to get:

  • 5 Bomber Parts - This is a fairly complex task because it will be necessary to harvest the insects.
  • 6 woven fibers: these are available in all parts of the set and you only need to worry about refining some parts of the plant to achieve this.

Once we have the necessary instruments it is time to go to our base and proceed to place our shelf, since the task is to hang the meat of an insect and turn it into jerky, it is possible to restore it just by drinking clean water.

Now that you know how to make a jerky rack it is important to create it and with it get food on land.

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