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We invite you to discover How to get Lilypad wax in Grounded with our explanatory guide.

What to know about getting Lilypad wax in Grounded?

The Grounded Koi pond has a huge amount of invaluable resources, ideal if our job is to be daring enough to face its dangers. One such resource is Lilypad Wax, a cube-shaped emerald substance used in countless crafting recipes in the game. But, navigating the murky depths of the vast Koi pond can be challenging, especially when diving deeper underwater, there are certain dangers here that we need to be aware of. However, finding Lilypad Wax is a relatively simple task once we know where to look, and we are going to talk about it here.

How to get Lilypad wax in Grounded?

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Lilypad Wax is a versatile ingredient that appears in several grounded crafting recipes, but is particularly useful for creating underwater items, which are essential for exploring the depths of the Koi Pond, including our Hidden Pond Lab, to find out how to get Lilypad wax in Grounded, we offer you a quick and efficient method below.

We must swim under the groups of Lilypad near the Great Oak inside the Koi pond, as indicated on the map above. Lilypad Wax is a medium-sized nodule that can be found hanging from the petals of Lilypad flowers. However, it is not usually visible on the surface of the leaves. Instead, it sticks to the bottom of most Lilypads, forming small circular shapes.

It is possible to find clumps of multiple nodes or just a single piece, so it is advisable to swim and inspect the underside of Lilypad leaves for a heavier harvest. We do not require specialized tools to collect it, we will just swim towards the wax and press the Nab button to collect it piece by piece.

It's worth keeping an eye out for Grounded diving spiders while searching for Lilypad Wax, as these creepy creatures often patrol the surface. Equipping a gill tube or other breathing apparatus is often advantageous for prolonged underwater exploration. Alternatively, we can stay near the surface to quickly breathe air or swim through air bubbles from underwater plants to replenish oxygen when needed.

What is the purpose of Lilypad Wax in Grounded?

When examined at a research station, Lilypad Wax is classified as a Tier 1 natural resource that can be used in the creation of various foods, armor, and other items in grounded, such as:

  • Fin failures
  • Fluid Flippers, a type of shake in Grounded
  • gill tube
  • green machine
  • Koi Scale Breastplate
  • Koi scale helmet
  • koi scale greaves
  • pebble dagger
  • slime lantern

Notably, crafting these items may require combining Lilypad Wax with other crafting resources, an example is the Gill Tube, which requires one unit of Lilypad Wax and two Eelgrass Strands.

Now that you know how to get Lilypad wax in Grounded, you can embark on this search and access this resource, which is undoubtedly very necessary, try it.

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