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Lidia Rozo
2020-07-28 16:57:40

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The enemies in Paper Mario The Origami King want to make this trip a worse torment we will not allow it, let's see How to beat Ice Vellumental

Who is the Ice Vellumental in Paper Mario The Origami King?

This is nothing more than a large bear, it is a boss that is located on the Diamond Island and it can be quite annoying, although when compared to other bosses we find ourselves with the possibility that it is somewhat easier to beat, however, being a boss makes him a great opponent. In this sense, the important thing here is to use our ability, since the walk through the Mushroom Kingdom does not have to be bad or unpleasant when we have solutions to make it interesting and pleasant, so it is necessary anyway. Know How to beat Ice Vellumental and this implies a simple but concrete strategy.
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How to beat Ice Vellumental in Paper Mario The Origami King?

This is a fairly complex fight and this is particularly because not all of our attacks can cause damage, as attacks like the 1000 arms folded simply do no good because this enemy is simply ice, in addition, the tiles here only fulfill one functionality and is to heal us, meanwhile the Magic Circles do not really cause any harm, Our work should focus first of all on fighting against the ice itself and seek to defend ourselves from the attacks that this enemy usually executes in Paper Mario The Origami King, this serves us to carry out our third turn and specifically we are offered the first opportunity to harm this boss, since this simply involves moving to land ON as a 1000 Folded Arms tile and cause damage of at least 25 percent of the health of the enemy as long as we have the Heart Plus and Guard Plus accessories.

Our work to know how to beat Ice Vellumental is still far from complete, since this boss has enough health, repeating the previous process once again is an option to achieve a 50 percent decrease in life, which represents only half of his health but it is precisely here where it becomes even more complicated. Before reaching this point it is ideal to take as many hearts as we can, because this is because this boss usually does considerable damage and it is vital to keep us alive.

Knowing how to defeat Ice Vellumental implies having the opportunity to understand that this enemy sought to charge us with formidable attacks, since he usually places some ice tiles that we simply will not be able to step on since if they do they will catch us and we will receive a lot of damage, but that does not end there because if we get out of this attack gracefully the Ice Vellumental has for us another attack in Paper Mario The Origami King that consists of tiles encased in icicles, but the advantage we have is that we can break them so we will choose to hit with R and move the tiles through the boss to break them, this makes it ice again.

At this point we do not have any type of defense against ice but this does not mean that we are lost, because we are facing the possibility of activating the Magic Circles, and the 1000 Folded Arms, are attacks that do not kill the boss, on the contrary, they infuriate him. a little more to the point of creating a labyrinth and it is where it makes us wonder about how to beat Ice Vellumental, since it usually freezes practically everything around it, involving tiles and icicles. In this sense, it will be necessary to devise an exit and plan the possibility of pressing the on switch to carry out an attack by the 1000 Folded Arms, we launched a tile hit ON in order to get to the Magic Circle and finally carry out a final attack with the 1000 Arms Folded putting an end to our battle in Paper Mario The Origami King.

 As you will see it is a complex and lasting battle, because knowing how to beat Ice Vellumental has managed to make us somewhat stronger and more skillful, an excellent option that we are presented with in Paper Mario The Origami King that we cannot ignore.

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