Lidia Rozo
2020-08-03 10:24:23

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Grounded brings us an interesting world and the bugs have their guards well armed, let's see where to find ant hill

What does Earth bring to us?

This is nothing more than a survival game where the possibility of encountering big and small bugs is simply part of the day-to-day scene, but this does not prevent us from carrying out our activities, specifically knowing where to find  ant hill is necessary for us to have some important tasks to perform there and get some parts in order to develop armor, we also have the possibility of getting us to BURG.L a robot that is responsible for giving us the missions that we need to carry out a corporal.

The missions of BURG.L are simply important since these allow us to access certain necessary recipes, and that is why it will be necessary to embark on the mission of obtaining ant hill, since completing this quest can reward us with Gross Science, the necessary currency to unlock some items and prepare some recipes.

Where to find ant hill on Earth?

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This ant hill is simply the home of the ants, it is located near a specific mysterious machine in the western grasslands in the western section of the backyard, here it is only necessary to be cautious and this is particularly due to the fact that for some other visible aspect some ant with large jaws it will be necessary to keep the distance, because if they see us they will attack us, on the other hand if we see normal ants they will not attack us if we do absolutely nothing to them, however getting down the soldier ants can be very useful due to these We can reward ourselves with some rare materials, although it is better to avoid it being close to ant hill.

Completing the anthill mission involves building a marker and this requires:

  • 1 clover leaf.
  • 2 vegetable fibers.
  • 2 branches.

This is all you need to know about where to find ant hill, as it is not a complicated task but if it has its benefits in Grounded, try it.