Lidia Rozo
2020-07-31 13:45:37

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We have made a Grounded guide for you where we will explain how to find Rake Rock Point

What is Rake Rock Point in Grounded?

This is a place where we can get the BURG.L robot that we got in this game specifically in the Oak Tree laboratory, ideal to win Raw Science and that this allows us to get some improvements, items or simply some new recipes.
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How to find Rake Rock Point in Grounded?

It is necessary to focus on being extremely careful with some extremely complicated bugs, since it is possible to get some bombers, smaller bugs or some spiders that will be attentive to bite us, as this is quite easy and occurs in the southwest of the Mysterious Machine.

Once we have reached Rake Rock Point we are presented with the possibility of getting a ghostly boy icon on a large rock relatively close to the rake, only this implies having some resources to complete the BURG.L task and they are the following:


  •   Get 2 vegetable fibers.
  • Get 2 bouquets.
  • Get 1 clover leaf.

  Now that you know how to find Rake Rock Point, it's time to start your search at Grounded doing it with great care, Good luck.