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2020-08-03 09:07:54

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The bugs on land are usually abundant so today we tell you how to explore the anthill without being attacked

One of the aspects that we must consider before knowing how to explore the anthill without being attacked is that here we will get some obstacles, that is, it is a space guarded by some soldiers, these protect their space and can be formidable, which leads to not let us in, so we will have to use our ability to access without being attacked.

How to explore the anthill without being attacked on land?

The task of exploring the anthill is based on obtaining the ant-ant armor on Earth, and this is a quantity of three pieces, for this it is important to wait for the morning to get a working ant that is solitary, this is because we can cause some blows with our pebble ax, once dead we take it to the ground field station, only it will be necessary to get more than one worker to complete the pieces that are:

  • Head.
  • The chest.
  • Leggings.

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How to make the ant armor on the ground?

The first thing that will be necessary to focus on collecting the ingredients, counting that most of the time, they will provide the worker ants, although it is also possible to obtain them from soldier ants only that these are a little more complex, since they have charge attacks. which we must dodge, however, some specific ingredients come from other specific ones such as mite fluff, acid glands and specifically the woven fiber, since all must come together for our armor while we give ourselves the task of knowing how to explore the anthill without being attacked

What are the parts we need to make an ant armor on Earth?

For the head we need:

  • 1 ant head.
  • 3 parts ant.
  • 1 ant helmet.
  • Fluff of 5 mites.
  • Ant arm guards.
  • For the chest we need:
  • 2 acid glands.
  • 5 parts ant.
  • Fluff of two mites.
  • Knee ant guards.
  • For Leggings:
  • 2 woven fibers. 6 parts of ant.
  • 4 mite lint.

With all the ingredients in our possession, it is only necessary to go to the workbench, proceed to build our armor, once we have the set we can freely go to explore the anthill because the ants will no longer be aggressive with us.

This is all we know about how to explore the anthill without being attacked, because in the first instance we will use the armor to disguise ourselves on the ground and thus enter where we can take some ant eggs.

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