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2020-08-11 09:11:03

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With our Grounded guide you will learn more about how to find stepping stone summit marker.

What to know about the station summit marker in Grounded?

It is one of the missions that we must carry out, it being important that in order to find that place previously we have already been here, it is important to note that this will be done once we have completed at least the main story of the game, which allows us to know to our mission provider BURG.L, it is a robot, with this we will have access to the missions being at this point, now to understand where to find the step top marker, we can only rely on the content of this guide and to be presented below.

how to find stepping stone summit marker in Grounded?

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Among so many missions, the step top marker is one of them that we access through BURG.L, there are many others that have to do with locations to find, but for now we are going to find it west of the backyard in the extreme, it is necessary that we get to the west starting from the mysterious machine, which will take us to the pond and we will notice a series of stones that is on the huge picnic table, at the top of the peak of the stones will be the marker, we access this with the help of the leaves that are nearby and that will take us to the highest point where it is, we will have a clear view of the backyard, now to complete this search we are only going to go to the area that is highlighted and build the marker, having Take into account the materials such as clover leaf x1, vegetable fibers x2 and branches x2, everything will be finished once we have it done.

In conclusion, knowing how to find stepping stone summit marker is excellent because it allows us to progress in this hectic game such as Grounded.

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