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2020-07-31 13:46:05

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The action in Grounded does not stop and that is why today we are going to explain how to get a level 3 hammer.

What to know about the level 3 hammer in Grounded?

It is necessary first of all that we have the level 2 hammer, after that with the necessary improvements we are going to turn it into the level 3 hammer, we will thus gain many advantages in terms of the increased stun and the damage we can cause, now to achieve it We have to have some resources such as the pieces of mint, spider silk and flower petals, with this we will carry out the creation, we will see more details regarding how to obtain a level 3 hammer in the following content.

How to get a level 3 hammer in Grounded?

We must gather a series of resources to solve how to obtain a level 3 hammer, these are possible by putting them together and returning to the workbench, for this we have to consider collecting the following resources:

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The mint pieces: the amount we are going to need is 5 in total, for this reason we have to go to the nearby container of Ice Caps, perhaps we have already passed through here, this is located northeast of the first field station and to the northeast of the mysterious machine, being here it is necessary to hit the dispenser lid to have access to the mints, what we will do later is cut them when we see them, hit them on many occasions so that they can break, which can be tedious until you collect the required amount.
Spider silk: all over the Grounded map we can find this one, killing the spiders and facing the largest ones, in reality this last possibility has a high consumption of time, if we want silk the best option is to go to a cave which is very close to the great castle to the southwest on the map, thus finding enough spider web to cover what we require for improvement.
Flower petals: Very easily we access these, to the north of the map we will get a river, on the shore there will be many flowers and in a certain time the petals will fall or we can knock them down with the arrows, we will need a total of 8, so they can be of any color, these being yellow, purple and red.

We hope that the detailed information here on how to obtain a level 3 hammer has been useful to have fun and progress in Grounded.

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