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2020-07-31 13:49:12

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The Grounded trip is simply phenomenal this allows us to explain how to get a level 2 hammer

What is the level 2 hammer in Grounded?

This is just a tool, it is an insect hammer, it can end up being somewhat complex to get it because it is a tool of a somewhat higher level, and this implies having to face some somewhat more formidable bugs, however this is not something Strange, as we've typically gotten a number of creatures with the hammer above, which simply allows us to muster up a bit more effort.
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How to get a level 2 hammer in Grounded?

One of the most relevant tasks that we must consider to achieve our goal is to face the Stinkbug in the southwest of the map, this is a large earth bug, it will only be enough to learn to do it, because this is a task that we can carry out for our It counts when we get some stinky parts from bedbugs and boiling glands from bombers.

Knowing how to get a level 2 hammer simply requires some specific resources which we will gather and bring to the workbench to make our hammer, these are:


 4 leather berries: these are simply easy to find as this simply involves heading southeast of the map, as it is possible to find berry trees on these sides.

 1 boiling gland: This is obtained from spiders mainly, although it can also be from other large insects, as this is not so complicated but it does involve risks, which implies taking great care because they are dangerous bugs.

 4 stinky gas bags: These are usually obtained from stinkbugs or bombers, so to proceed to take them it is necessary to be equipped, we will take the Sprig bow and arrows, since the idea is to eliminate them to get the gas avoiding getting too close.

 Definitely knowing how to get a level 2 hammer is simply a risky but necessary task at Grounded, give it a try.

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