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With our Grounded guide you will learn more about where to find the larva spike in precise detail.

What to know about the larva spike in Grounded?

To get the ear of the larva it is necessary that we fight against the larva, this is because when it dies it is possible to loot its body and obtain this resource, we must take into account the important amount of all kinds of resources that will promote us the bugs in the game, now as such it is not about having a battle against a larva, it is ideal to consider that due to its location a direct confrontation is not recommended, for more details we will see the explanation of where to find the larva spike, let's say a lot of attention.

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    Where to find the larva spike in Grounded?

    In some tunnels that are northeast of Spade Gulch we are going to find the larvae, it is important to highlight as we mentioned before the fight here can be a problem, so it is necessary that we get out of here and go shooting at the same time because they will follow us , now it is possible that if we face them on the ground, using the spear is the best thing, while otherwise we have to find a branch or rock to rest and shoot at the same time, in order to stabilize our resistance and continue if necessary running, at the end of the looting of the bodies we get this precious resource.

    It is evident that knowing where to find the larva spike allows us to have a better performance and fun in Grounded.

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