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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-08-03 15:28:43

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Guide to learn how to get fungal growths in Grounded

 There is a fungus in the game that can help you in Grounded. The problem? This item is somewhat difficult to obtain and can only be found in the gas area to the southwest of the map, where insects have been infected by the large sterilization that can escape to the ground. But do not worry, we will teach you an easy way to obtain it.

How to get fungal growths in Grounded '?

In-game, the best way to get mushroom growth is to wait until they can create a gas mask. However, you don't have to wait for it. Instead, you can lure the gaseous cloud bugs to confront them and loot their carcasses for their infected parts.

In case you don't know, fungal growths come from infected insects inside the cloud. The most common creatures you can find infected along the edge of the cloud are mites and weevils. It's in the southwest part of the map.
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You will notice the proximity to these when you see that the air turns into a yellow color, where by pure intuition you can say that they are toxic.

It would be advisable to bring some food or fiber bandages to heal you while taking damage. Once here you should try to get the aggression to be extracted from any of the infected errors and remove them from the cloud.

With them out of it, you can freely take them out and harvest them for their parts. Bring as many mushroom parts to your camp as you can bring and use them for various craft projects.

  Now that you know how to get fungal growths in Grounded you can have these useful objects for your farm, as long as you manage to get out alive. Luck!

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