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2020-08-05 09:15:12

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The bugs are an enemy that we get in Grounded, so it is necessary to know how to avoid the attack of the spiders and here we tell you.

Why should we avoid spiders in Grounded?

Although it is true this game has some interesting amount of bugs some are great others not so much but in one way or another they are usually quite annoying and dangerous, the idea is to get them to simply not attack us, as this implies having the armor spider, something quite similar to ants. Wearing spider armor allows us to protect ourselves because they chose to chase us, they are fast and quite aggressive which puts us in the clear possibility of knowing how to avoid the attack of spiders since the idea is to dominate them.

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How to avoid the attack of spiders in Grounded?

The first thing we need to consider is the possibility of making a spider armor, because for this it will be necessary to locate some resources, counting that while we wear our armor the spiders will not be aggressive, however, causing them could unleash some aggressiveness but it is not the idea.

 Spider armor requires parts to:

  •  Head.
  • The chest.
  • The legs.


 The materials needed to make the spider armor simply come from the spiders themselves, although there are some minimal exceptions, especially with some additional resources, because with them in our possession and finally made the armor we can feel free to continue our exploration and here we will indicate you.

 Now that you know how to avoid the attack of the spiders, you can afford to walk around the map without much concern for these bugs, since it places us at an advantage in Grounded and we cannot miss it.

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