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Angel Marquez
2020-07-28 17:01:09

More about: Ghost of Tsushima

With our Ghost of Tsushima guide you will learn more about How to get unlimited steel.

What to know about unlimited steel in Ghost of Tsushima?

Steel is one of the most important materials in the game, since with this we are going to be able to access all the weapons through its creation, now due to a failure that occurs we will be able to get it unlimited, which allows the beginnings we get this vitally important resource in this way, we will manage to improve and manufacture all weapons with ease, determine that at some point this can be corrected by means of an update, so to get the most out of this it is necessary How to get unlimited steel, the answers will be included in the content of this guide and it is as follows.
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How to get unlimited steel at Ghost of Tsushima?

The recharge of control points is the key, before this if from any source such as the wooden chests we have collected steel, this will not disappear from our accumulated, but when we return to the same source we will get the amount of steel again, for what we take and with the recharge we can have more and thus enough to take advantage, if we die in Ghost of Tsushima it will be the same, it is even possible to collect the steel and die so that when restarting at the control point we find more steel, even with the amount we had before we died, so we add more steel, while we repeat this process as many times as we want, we will have this resource in great quantity, which makes it ideal to know now and get the most out of it before that this Judgment be corrected.

It is clear that knowing how to get unlimited steel improves our performance and fun in Ghost of Tsushima.

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