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Daniel Hidalgo
2020-10-16 17:41:21

More about: Among Us

If you want to know how to install Among Us on iPhone, this article will tell you how to do it.

What is Among Us.

The title belongs to the online multiplayer party mode video game developed by InnerSloth and which initially premiered on June 15, 2018 on PC, but its version for mobile devices was released a few weeks ago and quickly became a hit. Taking all this into account, today we will tell you how to install some mods on iPhone so that you can join the fun now.
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How to install Among Us on iPhone.

Right now there are no official modifications for the game that you can find in the App Store for iPhone, this since Apple does not allow users to download settings or download applications.

However, and fortunately, despite the fact that there is no official mod available, the truth is that there are many third-party mods for iPhone that will allow you to change skins, get pets and more.

You can find these unofficial mods on the Internet, so you will have to do a simple Google search.

The truth is that we prefer to play without using mods, but you can always use them if you want, just keep in mind that since they are not official, it is not clear how well they can work or what problems they can cause.

So ends our article on how to install Among Us on iPhone, we hope that now that you know how to access the game mods, you can try them out for yourself without any problem.

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