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2020-11-02 10:12:55

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Are you having trouble because you don't know how to fix inappropriate name error? Don't worry, we'll help you fix it here.

What is the misnomer error in Among Us?

This is a recent bug that causes users to no longer be able to use the nameless cheat to trick other participants into running free, and goes hand in hand with the nameless cheat.

How to fix inappropriate name error in Among Us?

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To use the name trick again you will have to search for "‘ Unicode Character U 318D "or Hangul Letter Araea.

Note that you will not be able to use a simple period or a period. You can enter this search for this code on the Internet and then copy and paste it where you would enter your name, allowing you to have a period as a name and in this way hide yourself much more efficiently.

  So we finish this guide on how to fix inappropriate name error in Among Us, we hope it has been of the greatest possible use to you and you have managed to get the best result using the name trick now that the game has banned it.

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