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Lidia Rozo
2021-02-10 14:34:37

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Valheim has managed to occupy us enough and therefore it is convenient to tell you How to make health potions

What is the purpose of the health potions in Valheim?

It should be noted that it is necessary to consider that health is a vital element, because when we fight it is possible to regenerate slowly, however, knowing how to make health potions allows us to increase the health bar, in addition to resistance, since potions allow us to count with the possibility of repairing our health instantly, as this complements the meat and berries that we consume.
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How to make health potions in Valheim?

It is necessary to have some interesting elements such as the mead fermenter for which it is necessary to have:


  •  30 fine wood.
  • 5 bronze.
  • 10 resin.


 Once we have these ingredients mentioned, it is suitable to get a Surtling foundry, because it is here where it will be necessary to melt the tin that we will transform into ingots, with this we manage to make a cauldron where we will precisely make the bases of the mead to the which will be necessary to place close enough to the forge and near a cauldron, as this in order to make the potions that we require.

Now, we are going to focus on our objective, which are the health potions, for this it is necessary to have a bag of blood and specifically we must kill a leech in the swamp biome, then approach where the cauldron is, choose to interact With this and create the mead base to take the base to the fermenter, this task can take a few days and as soon as this health potion is ready we proceed to drink it, as it will be available in our inventory.

 Generally speaking, knowing how to make health potions allows us to have the opportunity to enjoy the strongest resistance capacity in Valheim, give it a try.

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