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Lidia Rozo
2021-02-10 14:39:49

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Valheim seeks to keep us busy in interesting activities and that is why we are going to tell you How to build a stone cutter

What is the point of building a stone cutter in Valheim?

It is worth mentioning that this game has taken care of occupying us as much as possible these days, and specifically building a stone cutter arises as a necessary activity because we must take care of adapting to what a Viking life can be, where to hunt and Sailing are usually fundamental tasks, in addition to building a stone cutter can be a highly useful element in the manufacture of some structures, since it is necessary to choose to manufacture houses as well as party rooms.
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How to build a stone cutter in Valheim?

It is important to understand that the stone cutter can be a favorable instrument since it does not usually suffer damage in the rain, it is also possible to have stone walls and floors which are perfectly favorable because they tend to be durable enough, unlike structures made with wood that can simply be more delicate.

To build a cutter you need:


  •  Get Surtling Cores.
  • Unlock the foundry for which 20 stones can be used in addition to 5 Surtling cores.
  • Make use of scrap foundry.
  • Choose to collect iron from the smelter in order to unlock the stone cutter.
  • Once this cutter is unlocked, it is possible to collect 10 woods, 2 irons and 4 stones.
  • Then it will be necessary to build a workbench near the construction site.
  • We proceed to equip the hammer from the inventory.
  • We get the stone cutter in the crafting tab in order to proceed to manufacture it.
  • Then we can place them and from there start the process of building the floor and walls as well as other stone structures.

 In this sense, knowing how to build a stone cutter allows us to carry out interesting works with stone in Valheim.

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