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Lidia Rozo
2021-01-31 21:16:04

More about: Sea of Thieves

We return once more to Sea of Thieves and it is with the aim of telling you how to find a Ashen key, let's see.

What is the Ashen key in Sea of Thieves?

We are before one of the most important objects in the game, with which we can access the ash chests obtaining the precious reward that they contain, being in the missions is when we mostly find these chests, however it is necessary that we see how to find one Ashen key, and it is something to be detailed right now in the following content.

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How to find a Ashen key in Sea of Thieves?

As it is a strange key, it is necessary that we take into account several options that will lead us to the solution on How to find a cinderella key, knowing this we will see in detail each of the possibilities that are presented to us.


  •  Key masters: it is the most common option of all the possibilities, it is a skeleton that appears randomly on the islands, which through a map will lead us to the location of this ashen key in Sea of Thieves, when we get to the X that is marked on the map we just have to dig to find the key inside a chest.
  • Fishing: we find an option perhaps not very advisable to use, because the chances of success when fishing a key of this type without any kind of bait are very low, but if we can take advantage of it to get some other rewards, and hopefully we take out the Ashen wear.
  • Skeleton fleet: in this case we have to face a series of ships, which we must defeat 3 times until we reach the captain in the last round and that by beating him we obtain as a reward 2 Cinderella keys of the ships that we managed to destroy, in the meantime it is one of the most complete options to get the key for the advantages that favor us.
  • The key stash trip: with the help of the black market we can buy these keys, at a cost of 99 doubloons, it is an option with little reliability, because doubloons are not something common to get, now we have them in our hands everything will change to be one of the ways to follow more easily to reach the Ashen key.

 In this sense, knowing how to find a Ashen key allows us to get a loot in Sea of Thieves.

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