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2022-08-08 13:47:50

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With our guide you will learn more about Where is a captain's logbook in Sea of Thieves.

What to know about the captain's logbook in Sea of Thieves?

  It is an object that is on our boat of great value, which is for a record of the adventures that we are having with our crew, information is constantly added when a session is completed, seeking to have an idea of where the notebook is From the captain's log in Sea of Thieves, let's carefully follow the following details.

Where is a captain's logbook Sea of Thieves?

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Automatically this is added to our purchased ship, at the beginning of the session it is something that we will do, we find it on the captain's table, when we take it we can read it freely to see the different activities that we have completed with our crew, including the milestones can be anchored to this book, this book for the captain is of great value, then the enemies may want it, when the ship sinks among the remains this book will be there to steal it, in the same way that any loot will be found floating, after is stolen they go to the hideout of the reaper for sale, starting from the level of the book its cost will be determined, the prices of the same are included in the following:


  •  Notable (0-6 days): 300 gold
  • Completed (7-14 days): 2,500 gold
  • Notable (15-19 days): 10,000 gold
  • Extraordinary (20 or more days): 25,000 gold


We can conclude that knowing where is captain's logbook is in Sea of Thieves is easier than thought, you just have to follow the instructions to achieve it.

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