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Our Resident Evil 7 guide lets us tell you about All Unlockables in Not a Hero

What are the Unlockables in Not a Hero in Resident Evil 7?

  This can only be described with a way of taking control, after managing to change the game perspective, although it is true, the combat aspect does not usually change, we are allowed to have a super soldier like Chris, so that arises As a necessary task to know about All the unlockables in not a hero, because basically Chris comes to give Ethan a touch of necessary help because defeating the final boss is actually a very complex task in which a little support does not fall bad, especially since zombies and puzzles are still enough.
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    What are All the unlockables in not a hero in Resident Evil 7?

     Here we get 5 unlockables, and then we are going to detail them:

     Professional mode: this mode is achieved by completing “not a hero”, in a normal game, as it is part of the modernization of games and Resident Evil 7 could not be left out, as now there is the possibility of having some difficulties somewhat higher, because here there is an interesting variation so knowing about All unlockables in not a hero allows us to understand that there is not necessarily the option to reduce the ammunition that we have access to or the limitation regarding the health of enemies in Resident Evil 7, here we get a more professional experience and therefore a little more complex.

    •  Here it will be necessary to fight with fewer artifacts, since we will only have the knife at our disposal.
    • There are some traps with cables, which allows us to have a game with more action and belong to one of the most complex sections to complete.
    • It will be necessary to take care of finding the necessary equipment which makes taking care of knowing all the unlockables of not a hero a strong task.


     View B of Thor's hammer:
    As we progress, it is necessary to have all the necessary tools that allow us to win, and knowing All the unlockables in not a hero is vital, because here it is favorable to get Chris's shotgun called the “Hammer of Thor ”, it is possible to equip it with a sight that is more powerful in Resident Evil 7, and this has certain characteristics such as:


    •  It is a weapon that has an ideal magazine to drop Molded.
    • To get Thor's hammer it is necessary to complete a game in not a hero.
    • We must be clear that this hammer is simply powerful.
    • This hammer has sights that have the ability to deal damage and precision to Molded.
    • It has a B sight that is also favorable and allows us to get additional damage.


     The fast march: knowing All the unlockables in not a hero simply embarks us before the possibility of taking care of obtaining objects, some may be more useful than others, but this does not mean that they cannot be important, because thanks to this passive object we are allows to increase the speed of walking and crouching in Resident Evil 7, as it is not necessarily useful for running, on the contrary it allows each stride to be larger and this is very favorable for crossing, we can use this march in the “professional mode ”, This fast march unlocks as soon as we have gotten 10 ancient coins in not a hero.

    The easy detour: knowing which are All the unlockables in not a hero allows us to get involved in a series of activities that have a certain duration, since it should be noted that each technique that we manage to unlock simply has an important use, and this usually occurs in a particular area of ​​Resident Evil 7, in order to unlock this ability it is necessary to take into account some aspects such as:


    •  Participating in is not a hero, as it is a game that can last around two hours, but it only takes less than an hour to achieve this easy deflection ability.
    • The easy deflection skill is a technique Chris can use and allows modled deflection.
    • It is necessary to press L1 before a Modled can hit, because with the easy deflection Chirs has a chance to counterattack.
    • The easy detour allows for the opportunity to be used with less gifted players.


     Infinite ammunition:
    it should be noted that this is the last action we perform in not a hero in Resident Evil 7, with this we manage not only to complete the search for these collectibles, but it is necessary to mobilize through it "professional mode", and of course it is possible to take a walk through this mode to get the stash that may be of ammunition, this arises more as a type of reward.

     In this sense, knowing which are all the unlockables in not a hero, allows us to have some favorable advantages that offer us the opportunity to develop more calmly in Resident Evil 7, do not stop looking for them!

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