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The tasks in Resident Evil 7 are interesting and this allows us to tell you about How to repair the elevator

What does it mean to repair the elevator in Resident Evil 7?

This is simply a necessary task that we must do, because here we are not only faced with the possibility of being locked up in the Baker farm, but also it is necessary to carry out a change of characters, this is an action that is not really new in Resident Evil 7y this seventh installment was no exception, because leaving the farm is not an option, because when Ethan gets an option to save his wife the game changes our character where it will be necessary to play with Mia, this makes us have to do some tasks with her because Ethan has been captured by Eveline on a sunken ship, where he will take care of changing Ethan's wife for Mia, and this simply translates into the possibility of playing with her for some time, so knowing How to repair the elevator is a task that concerns us to rescue Ethan amid the horror of Resident Evil 7.
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    How to repair the elevator in Resident Evil 7?

    Before reaching our goal it is necessary to achieve a couple of necessary tasks such as:

    Find the fuse: It is necessary to be careful, this task makes us have to take care of eliminating a mold, in addition to having the opportunity to carry out some explorations on the first floor, because in this search to locate the fuse to know how to repair the elevator allows us to get a corrosive, in addition to some remote bombs in Resident Evil 7, within this search we are allowed to take a look during Mia's flashback on the wrecked ship, in addition to going down to the first floor where the fuse is in a box of energy inside the laundry room, and it is an area that is full of mold.

    Repair the elevator: with the fuse in our possession, it is time to start solving our task, which is simply to know how to repair the elevator, because we have the need to rescue Ethan in Resident Evil 7, for this it will be necessary to have a machine gun, in addition of the maintenance gun, some medicines that are of vital use and remote bombs, because in the course of the way to repair the fuse as well as on the way to Ethan there is the possibility of getting a few molded, and we must attack them with weapons. Now, once we are properly equipped, it will be necessary:


    •  Go to the elevator.
    • Connect the fuse to the power box.
    • We can take the elevator down to S2 where there will be molded waiting for us, we just have to save and organize our inventory.

    Rescue Ethan: This is a necessary task about knowing How to repair the elevator, the time has come to eliminate some molded that are in our way as we go through the hall from the S2 elevator, it is only possible to provoke a few shots in the head, but this does not end here, as it will be necessary to continue down the straight corridor where we manage to find a Quick Molded of, and it will fall from the ceiling on us, we take it out of our way by shooting it in the head, because here it is necessary wary of ammo.

    As we managed to get rid of this enemy, it is the ideal time to access the engine room, where we will use the machine gun in order to quickly face another molded in Resident Evil 7, but even when we already know how to repair the elevator, even our work has not finished, because we have not rescued Ethan yet, because inside the room there is a Fat Molded who is not a good idea to approach, for his part we can place some remote bombs on the stairs that could perfectly well provoke him, stop In this way, choose to eliminate it and manage to clear the path that remains because it will be necessary to continue the rest of S2 to get to the place where we managed to meet Ethan and in this way choose to rescue him.

     We can conclude this guide on How to repair the elevator, because with this we managed to rescue Ethan and continue our journey through Resident Evil 7.

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