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2022-08-09 10:00:12

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Find out how to sell emissary flag in Sea of Thieves in this excellent and explanatory guide.

What to know about the emissary flag in Sea of Thieves?


It is a very useful resource that allows us to improve our rank in the emissary grades, achieving an increase in the bonus reward for the sale of such treasures that are related to this, so it is appropriate to know how to sell emissary flag in Sea of Thieves and to guide us in this regard we have the following content.


How to sell emissary flag in Sea of Thieves ?

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We can only sell the broken emissary flags, which allows us to add a little amount of resources considering the following values:


  •  Grade 1 1,600-2,400 6,000
  • Grade 2 3500-4900 12,000
  • Grade 3 5,500-6,500 18,000
  • Grade 4 7,600-8,500 24,000
  • Grade 5 9,500-10,500 30,000


We can sell the flags of any grade mentioned above, emphasizing that we will add only 1 gold and 1 emissary, which is not adequate to sell the emissary, it will be enough to find Reaper's Bones, located in Killer Whale Island or Uncharted Reef, then we will sell the flag.

Now that we know how to sell emissary flag in Sea of Thieves, we just have to do it to continue with our progress and fun.

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