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Our work on Resident Evil 7 gets more and more interesting, let's see Where to find the D series arm

 Resident Evil 7 allows us to have the possibility of staying in a somewhat complex world, where infecting ourselves can be extremely easy, and for this it will be necessary to get involved in the search to know Where to find the D series arm.

What is the D-series arm in Resident Evil 7 for?

This is a necessary element that when combined with the head of Zoe's D series allows us to cure Ethan's infection, this has occurred at the Baker farm due to mold, to achieve this objective about Where to find the arm of the series D, it will be necessary to deal with some series of activities where the defeat of the mutant Marguerite is involved, only that this is simply one of the many obstacles that we get during this search that takes place in the Baker farm where we are trapped.

 Before we get into our goal about Where to find the D-series arm, there are a few things to understand avoiding mistakes:

  •  We should take some time to prepare, as not doing it can simply cost us a Resident Evil 7.
  • We have the opportunity to use some amount of burner fuel to face the mutant Margurite, as this allows us to stun him, because by now it is highly likely that we are exhausted, in addition to that we have a lack of ammunition.
  • To know where to find the D series arm, it is necessary to have the option of eliminating a total of 3 molds, because for this it will only be necessary to use the shotgun because with it, it is possible to execute a single shot to achieve the three objectives.
  • We must take care of descending into the old house, we are equipped with a grenade launcher, in addition to bullets and first aid medications, only that these can be stored.

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    Where to find the D series arm in Resident Evil 7?

    Entering our main task makes us be in the last section of the old house, here we must face a total of three molds, once we have eliminated them, we continue our journey because we have a valuable objective in mind, it will only be necessary to be careful When we mobilize, during this tour, we observe a girl running through the house, this girl can serve as a guide, however, she will tell us that we can continue to move forward, in this sense, the little girl will only take the opportunity to take note of what we will pass through the children's room, and this in a way allows us to have the possibility of familiarizing ourselves with this area in Resident Evil 7, since this occurs before reaching the detention room, once we arrive at the place, we enter the room we go To a corner of the room where a dollhouse is located, we turn a drawing that is there, because with this we get to be allowed to see a secret passage that is in the room On, then we approach the wall where we managed to open a small passageway, through it, we access on all fours, here we will see a mummified corpse from which it is necessary to take the arm of the D series and return.

    With the arm in our power, it is necessary to face some molds, while we go back to the trailer where Zoe is, to take care of them it is necessary to stun them a little with the burner, although this will damage them we can simply get some time to stun them, here it is possible to shoot them at point-blank range with a shotgun or simply leave the place, because knowing where to find the D series arm is a task where we must have agility, in this sense, it is advisable to avoid the molded ones, since there is a possibility of counting with little ammunition for this it is necessary to take into account these locations:


    •  A molded is behind the door of the detention room.
    • A mold falls from the ceiling in the room that has mold between the children's room and the detention room at Resident Evil 7.
    • A third molded is outside the children's room, specifically behind a room divider.

     Now that you know where to find the D series arm, it is the ideal time to carry out this search and thus achieve the cure of mold infection in Resident Evil 7.

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