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Knowing how to solve the happy birthday puzzle becomes an essential task in Resident Evil 7, let's see.

Who solves the happy birthday puzzle in Resident Evil 7?

This installment where horror is the main protagonist allows us not only to get Lucas as an excellent and the best villain in Resident Evil 7, because, he belongs to the Baker family and is nothing more than a torturer and murderer, however, to know how to solve The happy birthday puzzle offers us the opportunity to fully detail the final moments of Clancy, to do so it will be necessary to use some necessary resources and this simply implies finding the VHS tape of the happy birthday, in addition to taking into account that the appropriate character to solve this puzzle is nothing but Ethan.
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    How to solve the happy birthday puzzle in Resident Evil 7?

     It is necessary to take care of carrying out some activities and for this it is important to do it this way:

    Take the candle and the winding key:
    this is the first action we must do to start this task about How to solve the happy birthday puzzle, because it is vital to get a Clancy light source because it is an essential tool, and we can take it from the hand of the animatronic clown in Resident Evil 7, with it in our power it is time to mobilize to the room with the birthday cake, the detail is that here are some sprinklers that will blow out the candle, however, Lucas will tell Clancy that to win is It is necessary to keep the candle lit, in this way it will be necessary to take a look at the barrel that drips liquid to the ground to take the key from the barrel string, when we approach we confirm that it contains oil, we will leave the room and go directly to the kitchen In order to light the stove, here we try to light the candle and with this we manage to make the whole room explode.

    The balloon and the pen: This is the next task to continue our work on How to solve the happy birthday puzzle, because here it is necessary to get Clancy to be able to burst the balloons while walking with a deflated balloon on the ground, because to achieve it is necessary to approach the closed door on the side of the monitor where we can visualize the Baker family, this door is only held with a flammable rope that we can burn with the lit candle, once we manage to approach the door with a lock where it will be necessary to write down 5 characters that are in it and proceed to exit. Then we must fit the balloon into the broken wall and for this it will be necessary to check the gas pipe, but the balloon will explode after we observe some peaks that come out of the balloon, here we get the pen, because it is nailed in the body of Clancy in one side next to a nail, the nail is pulled out and placed in inventory.

    Cleaning the telescope: This is another of the tasks to be done to solve this Resident Evil 7 puzzle, since it is full of dirt and it is not possible to see through it, we can corroborate this, when we enter the bathroom where Clancy will take it from the toilet After pulling the chain, this makes us have to go with the telescope to the cake room where the sprinklers are and place ourselves under them, once it is clean it will be necessary to equip the telescope and look in the direction of the sprinklers so that these can clean the lens, with this task done we can go to the monitor of the main puzzle room where it is possible to see the password of the safe, because in this way knowing how to solve the happy birthday puzzle becomes a simple task , interesting.

    The straw doll and the stupid finger: we continue our pro Resident Evil 7 tour and as we already have the telescope clean and working it is time to approach the Baker family monitor, here it is possible to observe a series of symbols from left to right, which They allow us to unlock the lock box inside the cake room, these serve so that Clancy can get an ideal straw doll to be burned on the stove, and these symbols are:

    • A child swinging.
    • A raven perched on a bell.
    • A fetus


     When we get the doll, we can burn it and get it to become a doll finger, since this helps us to start the animatronic clown, this being the final piece, because with this task we are giving full shape to our task about How to solve the happy birthday puzzle, for this you will need:


    •  Examine the clown and attach the winding key to him.
    • Put on the fake finger.
    • Attach the pen.


     With these activities carried out to the clown, there is the possibility that it can turn on, this can open the possibility to write the 5 character password in the lock of the balloon room, however, this is not given and the clown will take the opportunity to mark Clancy the word "loser" in his flesh when the clown takes him by the arm.

    Happy birthday to Clancy: this is the last task to be done and necessary to complete the objective about How to solve the happy birthday puzzle, because once we manage to place the password on the arm we can return to the balloon room, here we enter the “LOSER” lock, with this we managed to eliminate it permanently, we entered the room and took the valve and with it managed to turn off the sprinklers, then it was time to go to the kitchen to relight the candle once more, we managed to Clancy can place the candle on the cake, it will detonate immediately because inside the room there is oil and with this we get it to be burned alive, here we only have to take care of listening to the screams that Clancy gives making it simply a moment where we can experience the intensity of horror in Resident Evil 7.

     This is all you need to know about How to Solve the Happy Birthday Puzzle, as horror simply makes its biggest appearance in this Resident Evil 7 task.

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