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2022-08-08 16:07:25

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We welcome you to our guide on How to Get Trinkets in Sea of Thieves.

What to know about the trinkets in Sea of Thieves?

These are cosmetics that we can put around our ship that works as a customization distinguishing it from other ships, seeking to know how to get trinkets in Sea of Thieves, let's follow the following details carefully.

How to get trinkets in Sea of Thieves?

We can buy them through the Shipwright, only that access is not possible instantly, we have to have completed some Milestone Class levels so that we can unlock the purchase option, pirate milestones are registered on our ship, as for How to get trinkets in Sea of Thieves have to be completed being in the form of trophies that depend on completing the milestones and decorations, in each category of Milestone there are trinkets, the fact of winning the trophies can be complex, such as the flame of death, this it requires class 10 in the burning minutes milestone, with the latest version we have that the Cherished The Serpent's Flame will ask us for class 100 in the burning minutes, having any trinket we can use it on our ship.
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Starting from the type of ship, some locations are presented to place the trinkets, considering that for the following:

  • Sloop: It has 19 slots, which are comprised of 7 on the walls, 11 on the shelves, desks, drawers, and other flat surfaces, and one on the floor.
  • Brigantine: It has 33 slots for trinkets, including 14 for the walls, 15 for shelves, desks, boxes and other flat surfaces and 4 for the floor.
  • Galleon: this has 46 slots, 14 for the walls, 21 for the shelves, desks, drawers and other flat surfaces and another 11 for the floor.

Having an open place we can put a trinket in this place, with approaching we can configure the trinket, a message will be presented that opens our trinket menu for the choice to which we will put.

We hope that the information detailed here on How to get trinkets in Sea of Thieves has been very useful for your fun and progress in such an interesting game.

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