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2022-08-05 10:27:29

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There are various tasks that we can execute when we are on a ship and for this reason we will explain how to buy a ship in Sea of Thieves.

What is the point of buying a ship in Sea of Thieves?

  Having the opportunity to embark on a purchase process that allows us to have the ability to progress, so that it is necessary to know how to buy a ship in Sea of Thieves, this considering that we must take care of becoming a ship captain and after that Proceed to the purchase process.

How to buy a ship in Sea of Thieves?

  To execute this task we must take care of going to the Main Adventure Menu and proceed to select My Ships, this is usually found to the right of the standard Ship Type options.

  These are the types of boats that we can buy and their respective cost:
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  • Sloop: 250,000 gold
  • Brig: 375,000 gold
  • Galleon: 500,000 gold.


 In the midst of this task to know How to buy a ship in Sea of Thieves it is necessary to consider that once we have acquired the ship we have the opportunity to name it, for this we will have a limit of 20 characters, once we have done so, the ship It will be ours to navigate, it will only be enough to press My ships and by doing so we will be shown the ships we own before giving it the option to buy another.

 It is necessary to take into account that we must be the captain of a ship to be able to buy a ship, in addition, being a captain allows us to have access to a good number of features that can be shared with other players in our crew, such is the case of:


  •  The Carpenter's Shop: we can access this place in order to sell special trips from the captain, as well as caches of supplies and of course, cards to customize our ship.
  • The captain's trips: these actions allow you to execute a series of family activities, in addition to having the opportunity to choose the type of search that you want to execute.
  • Ship Log: This is another feature that usually occurs in this game, this is nothing more than a book where statistics of the crew members and what they have done during the session are usually recorded.
  • Sell ​​the sovereigns: this is a necessary task because we are allowed to sell loot in exchange for money and crew, it should be noted that the Sovereigns are usually housed in each outpost and are nothing more than a trading company.
  • Ship customization: this is another of the things that the captain can do, so it will only be enough to have permission to the menu options and customize the ship's cosmetics, in addition to the decorations that are usually inside it, upload the Milestones level that is usually favorable because with this we can buy Trinkets to decorate our ship much more.


 This is everything you need to know about How to buy a ship in Sea of Thieves, so it will only be enough to get involved in this purchase process and make the decisions that are most feasible for the crew.

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