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2022-08-05 10:13:27

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Today we bring you a guide on Where is Shipwrights’ Supply Shop in Sea of Thieves.

What to know about the supplies for carpenters in Sea of Thieves?

 It is something of great importance that we are well supplied with this type of supplies and others, considering its storage in the barrels of the outpost, this requires a lot of time, but through the supply store it can be achieved more quickly, therefore, seeking to know where the supply store for carpenters is in Sea of Thieves, let's carefully follow the following content.

Where is Shipwrights’ Supply Shop in Sea of Thieves?

 What we will do is go to the dock of the outposts, this to locate the carpenter, his name begins with the letter S, speaking we will choose the second option, explore the name of the carpenter, supplies and the captain's travel shop, it is important that we be captain for the availability of this option, in the menu we will see the supplies, the allowed purchase is one for each item and per outpost, even one of the crew can buy, in the case of wood we can buy from new in a different outpost, it is important to know the supplies that we can buy and their cost for it the following:
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  • For 30 wood we pay 2500 gold
  • For 30 cannonballs a cost of 3500 gold
  • For 10 firebombs and 10 crazy ones we pay 3500 gold
  • For 12 coconuts, 8 pomegranates, 6 mangoes and 4 pineapples we pay 3500 gold
  • For 4 chickens, 4 pigs, 4 snakes and 3 sharks, we pay 1725 gold
  • For 10 larvae, 10 leeches and 10 earthworms we pay 3500 gold


  When making the purchase we have to automatically add them to the supply barrels of our ship, taking into account that the fruit, meat and bait go for a single barrel of food, bullets and disposable objects go for a single barrel.

  In this way we finish our guide, now you know where is
Shipwrights’ Supply Shop is in Sea of Thieves, just enjoy it to the fullest

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