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2022-08-08 13:47:10

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Today, we bring a guide to explain how to sink ship in 1PCXBG.

Why sink ship in 1pcxbg?

Because this is a game mechanic that usually favors ourselves, although it is true, as pirates we can sink other ships, there is the possibility of sinking ours when we are trapped in the rocks, so that it is necessary to tell you how to sink a ship in 1PCXBG Because this type of action can protect us from our enemies or in case of returning to the advanced position getting the crew to leave the ship, this is part of the novelties with which this new season has arrived and that it is not possible to get lost.

How to sink ship in 1pcxbg?

This is an activity that usually does quickly and for which we must:

  • Go to the Options menu in the Xbox and ESC in the case of PC.
  • Then, we select my team option and at the bottom we will choose if for Scuttle Ship.

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Here we must take care of making a vote and when they are more bounding for sinking the ship, it will begin to sink, but it will not be the only thing, any object of value that may be within it will also sink, this means that choosing to sink the ship can make it made to make it Let us lose any object of value and wealth that we have at the time, so before doing this process it is ideal To the advanced post that may be closer, the ship will return with some modifications that we have executed before.

Knowing how to sink a ship in 1PCXBG can be done as a team decision, but sometimes our team may not agree, however, the decision to do so always falls into our hands, only that for this we must become rebellious and this could Reearing things to the point that they can put us in time outside, another mechanics to sink the ship implies being close to the earth or another ship to shoot a cannon to the ship, in case of not being close to earth or other ship it is possible To Remove water into cubes and pour it into the boat by flooding the ship.

This is all that we can tell you about how to sink ship in 1PCXBG, so that it will only be enough to apply the action described above and execute it only when this is necessary.

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