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2022-08-08 14:16:38

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In the Sea of Thieves universe we have tasks, one of them is How to Get Captain’s Voyages in Sea of Thieves and here it will be covered in details.

What to know about the captain's journeys in Sea of Thieves?

  We have control of these missions when we have managed to be the captain of our ship, these can take time, starting from the fact that we are playing, we find different types of trips that we can choose according to our criteria, to have a better idea of how to get the captain's voyages in Sea of Thieves let's carefully follow the following content.

How to get the Captain’s Voyages in Sea of Thieves?

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What we will do as a captain is buy the trips, for this we look for the carpenters who are at the outposts, being in the Shipwrights menu we have to choose the trip captain store option, here we have to go to those that are not of greater comfort, considering that these have different costs in gold for their purchase, we must meet some requirements, these being to have a certain level or a certain state, we will depend on our rank to access some present trips.

 By going to the captain's rooms we can see through the shelf located near the captain's table the chosen trips, they are all stored here, and we can make the choice of the one we want to complete, we can through the members choose by bouncing on the destination to follow of the proposed trips, which requires interaction with the pop-up menu of the captain's trip option, we will choose the one that we are going to propose to the vote.

 In conclusion, knowing how to get the Captain’s Voyages in Sea of Thieves is interesting because it allows us to get by while having fun in this busy game.

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