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Games often offer activities of interest and that is why today we will explain how to restore a ship in Sea of Thieves.

What is the point of restoring a ship in Sea of Tieves?

As you progress in the game there is a possibility that the ship may suffer some particular damage and for this reason it is necessary to make some changes, so it is important to know how to restore a ship in Sea of Thieves taking into account that there are occasions where we get that our boat may not be as attractive because it may have:


  •   Sassy paint.
  • Hole in the hull.
  • Winch and wheel with distinctive designs.


How to restore a ship in Sea of Thieves?

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In the event that our ship has suffered some type of damage in the last session, there is the possibility of restoring it and this can be done before logging in once again, for which we must locate the start of the main menu to go to Adventure and My ships, then, we must go to the ship that we are interested in restoring to look for the second option under Navigate, which is usually Restore and here we will be told what state or state the ship is in, if it is not impeccable we will be asked to spend some gold to get her restored to a pristine condition, according to the amount of damage the ship may have will increase the cost of restoration.

 Knowing how to restore a ship in Sea of Thieves makes it necessary to move to the place where this process usually takes place and if you are captaining near the outpost it is possible to move to Shipwright.

 Then, we must talk to the restorers who are in Shipwright and proceed to select the last option that is nothing more than Restore my ship.

The option appears dimmed if the ship is fine, but if it is not, we select the option and the game usually indicates when we must pay to restore it.

 The price of the restoration usually increases according to the amount of damage that the ship may have.

 In the event of surface or water burns on the boat, the cost of restoration increases.

 When restoring the ship we will have a cooling period in which it is not possible to restore.

 We can conclude this guide on How to restore a ship in Sea of Thieves, hoping that the information given here will be of interest to you.

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