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2021-01-31 09:50:00

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GTA Online continues to provide us with work to do, and therefore it is necessary to explain how to silence players.

Why mute players in GTA Online?

There are endless reasons why to do it, meanwhile we have inappropriate behavior of a player, such as rudeness, offense or annoyance, becoming something that you do not want to hear, certainly due to the Online experience it is normal to find this kind of players, what could help us avoid these annoyances is knowing how to mute players and there are aspects to consider that we have for you in this content.
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How to mute players in GTA Online?

From the player menu we have a couple of options to consider, one is through the player's menu choosing them in a concrete way, the other is through voice chat that works to silence groups of players, certainly each one has its peculiarity, to In the first case, we have to focus on a single player who is in our session, what we will do is access the pause menu and go online, then go to players by going to the display screen of all these that are in the session, from here they can be silenced by highlighting the player to give the option to silence.

In the possibility that we have with voice chat, what we will do is enter the interactions menu and search for it, something that allows us to customize the groups of specific players that can be heard through this means, it should be noted the ability to silence this option, which works with large groups of people, even with all of us who are in the session, thanks to the scope of these options it is possible not to have problems to end those annoyances that may come from some players , achieving a better enjoyment and understanding of the game in general.

 Now that you know how to silence players you have the possibility to apply it and thus get a greater advantage from GTA Online, give it a try.

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