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Learn tips, tricks, and strategies on How to Catch All Devilfish de Sea of Thieves and more! Get the best rewards.

Are you a seasoned pirate in Sea of Thieves looking to add some rare and elusive Devilfish to your catch? Look no further! In this guide, we will take you through the step-by-step process of catching all types of Devilfish in the game. From choosing the right location to identifying each variant, we've got you covered. So grab your fishing rod and let's dive in!

Choosing the Right Location

When it comes to catching Devilfish, the location plays a crucial role. We recommend fishing around the coordinates T-17 to T-18 due to the volcano activity in that area. Devilfish are known to be attracted to the chaos caused by the erupting volcanoes, making this region ideal for finding them.

Bait and Equipment

Now that you know where to fish, it's time to gather the right bait and equipment. For Devilfish, we recommend using Grubs as bait, which can be found in barrels or by digging in the sand on islands. It's essential to have a good stock of Grubs before heading out to maximize your chances of catching these elusive creatures.

Additionally, having the right fishing equipment is crucial. Make sure your fishing rod is in good condition, and consider upgrading it if possible. The stronger your rod, the better your chances of reeling in those rare Devilfish.

Fishing Technique

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At T-17 to T-18, the fishing pool is limited to Splashtails and Devilfish. To increase your chances of catching a rare variant, such as an Ashen or Lava Devilfish, consider fishing with a larger crew. Having more pirates fishing in the same location simultaneously can attract bigger and more elusive fish.

Types of Devilfish and How to Identify Them

  • Ashen Devilfish: These Devilfish have a distinct appearance, with fiery red scales and glowing eyes. They are known to be more aggressive and put up a tougher fight when caught.
  • Firelight Devilfish: With their vibrant orange and yellow scales, Firelight Devilfish are a sight to behold. They are often found swimming near the surface, making them relatively easier to spot.
  • Forsaken Devilfish: The Forsaken Devilfish is one of the rarest variants to find, requiring a considerable amount of time and patience. They have a dark and mysterious aura surrounding them, making them a prized catch among pirates.
  • Lava Devilfish: As the name suggests, these Devilfish are covered in molten lava, emitting a fiery glow. They are usually found near active volcano areas and require careful consideration when reeling them in due to their aggressive nature.
  • Seashell Devilfish: Among the Devilfish variants, the Seashell Devilfish is the easiest to find. They have a unique appearance, with beautiful seashells adorning their scales. If you're just starting your Devilfish hunting journey, this is a great variant to start with.

Catching all the Devilfish variants in Sea of Thieves is no easy task, but with the right knowledge and techniques, it can be a rewarding and thrilling adventure. Remember to choose the right location, gather the appropriate bait and equipment, and employ effective fishing techniques to maximize your chances of success. So, set sail, embrace the chaos of the erupting volcanoes, and may the seas be filled with Devilfish on your next adventure!

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