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Angel Marquez
2021-06-11 15:11:04

More about: Among Us

Among Us is a very lively game, and today he leads us to discover How to get the Geoff Keighley mask.

What to know about Geoff Keighley's mask in Among Us?

Once again we have back to this article, which has a limited time to add it to our collection, it was presented in the past at the Game Awards, and now it comes for the second Geoff Keighley Summer Game Fest in 2021, this day only It will be available, so it is ideal to know how to obtain it and for this we have this guide to guide us with its content, let's see.

How to get the Geoff Keighley mask at Amongs Us?

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We will have it through Twitch, then we will go to this site and log into our account to see a minimum of 15 minutes of the Kickoff Live images, certainly the weirdness of this mask became a trend, which was thought to be piracy, so there were some expulsions, now that he has returned on this new occasion it is ideal that we have time to get it before the time limit is met with some luck to get it in the Geoff Keighley event.

We can conclude that knowing how to get the Geoff Keighley mask is easier than we thought, we just have to consider the time limit we have to achieve it in Amongs Us.

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