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Guide to learn how to tame mounts in Immortals Fenyx Rising

 One of the things that can help you in Immortals Fenyx Rising is to learn how to tame mounts correctly, because this will help you move faster around the game map, so learning about this is a priority and in this guide you will we explain in detail. Read on to find out about this!

How to tame mounts in Immortals Fenyx Rising?

Although learning this skill is very beneficial, the truth is that you should wait until you get to the Gods and Monsters mission, since this is where the game begins. You can tame any horse that you see in the wild, and if you're lucky, you might even find some mythical animal that you can tame.

Obviously, how you will meet wild animals and then domesticate them, for this you must know certain details to be able to complete this task successfully. The first thing you should do is sneak away, or in other words, duck to make yourself less visible and then slowly approach the creature. It is best to approach the animal from its blind side, so approach from the back.

If the animal detects you, a red exclamation point will appear above its head; When you see it, stop moving until it disappears. This is to inform you that you are angry and know something is there; if you keep moving, the mount will move away. Once this mark has disappeared, you can now begin to move again and head towards the animal.
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When you're close enough, wait for the words Tame Mount to appear and ready to hit E if you're playing on PC or Y / Triangle if you're on console. And that's all you have to do.

To change your mounts, simply open your inventory and you will see all the mounts that you have tamed. If you see that the horse has a wide range of colors it means that it is facing a strange species so be very aware of it in your game.

  Now that you know how to tame saddles in Immortals Fenyx Rising you will be able to mobilize more quickly once you gain the trust of a horse or manage to tame it in the process. Luck!

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