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2020-12-04 09:06:51

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Immortals Fenyx Rising offers us the possibility of doing several things so it is necessary to tell you How to change time

Why change time in Immortals Fenyx Rising?

  This is a game where it is necessary to carry out some considerable amount of activities, in such a way that this leads us to take care of skipping time because there is the opportunity to get chests at night which in a way is favorable since it gives a perspective different from this game, so don't wait any longer and let's see how it changes from night to day or vice versa.
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How to change time in Immortals Fenyx Rising?

It is necessary to take care of changing the time since some highly necessary chests can only be obtained during the night because even though these may represent a greater challenge, this simply opens up the possibilities to get some amount of powerful equipment as well as weapons and armor.

On the other hand, getting chests at night can give us some number of favorable rewards, because among them is the trophy of the Light of the Moon and it even opens the possibility that within these chests can be the adamantine fragments, which are in terms general other highly valuable resources.

Now, to change the time and set it tonight it is necessary:

  •  Press the Options button on our controller or press the T key on our PC keyboard.
  • Time passes from day to night or vice versa while Fenyx is sitting on the floor.
  • Once the weather has changed, we have the possibility of getting the chests at night and proceed to open them.
  • In such a case that we are determined to rest a little, it will only be necessary to choose to restart Myth Challenges and this can even occur when we are trapped somewhere.
  • It should be noted that skipping time is a task that we can only perform either by being in safe places or simply withdrawn from where there are enemies.


In general, terms, knowing how to change time allows us to have the possibility of locating chests both during the day and at night in Immortals Fenyx Rising, try it.

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