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2021-03-26 09:28:22

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You want to know how to solve the marble puzzle of the world shell, well you have come to the right place to tell it in Immortals Fenyx Rising.

What to know about Immortals Fenyx Rising?

  Once again we are presented with the marble puzzles, which have to do with the arrival of the DLC myths of the eastern kingdom for the game, this kind of puzzle turns out to be very confusing, which can get tedious, so know how to solve the puzzle marble from the world shell becomes necessary and for this we can have the solution in the content of this guide, you just have to look at it carefully.

How to solve the world shell marble puzzle in Immortals Fenyx Rising?

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In the building in the center there is a marble that we must collect, after we leave here we will go to our left, where we will find a couple of indentations in the ground, ideal for the marble, we put it here, then we have to go from back to the center here to pick up another marble, having to take it to another key way, having both in place we will be able to access the door that takes us to the small building in Immortals Fenyx Rising, in the ceiling you can find a hole, through the which we will jump to hit a cube that is here, we will do it with our acts to make it smaller and to be able to remove it through the hole, then by hitting it again it will become large, then we will take the marble that will be free when the plate is activated pressure, then having the three marbles have to be aligned on the left or right side, which will then take us to the highest place to find a room with a lattice door, the brazier turned off and some bonfires, here we use The arrow that passes through the fire so that the brazier lights up, stepping on the pad will now lift the door.

 What we will do next is to use our dash to pass through the door before it closes, inside we have to press the button to take the marble and put it on the opposite side of before, now as to How to solve the problem. Marble puzzle of the world shall we have to go to the left section, where there are a couple of marbles, we have to break the glass that is on the right to get a cube, which must be dropped on the pressure plate and With our telekinesis we will take the marble, it must be dropped to the bottom, then move it to the left and place it on the chop, the result of this is the deactivation of another wall of energy that is in the upper part, managing to take the cube large and move it to the right, so that it falls on a pressure plate, we must go back to the upper left and take the other marble, taking both out to bring them to the center and put it in the side holes to complete the final join the puzzle.

 Knowing how to solve the marble puzzle of the world shell is interesting because it allows us to progress in Immortals Fenyx Rising.

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