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Guide to learn how to get Elektrum in Immortals Fenyx Rising

 The Golden Island has an infinite number of missions that will keep you busy enough to explore the island while you complete them. Both major and minor tasks can take you some time, but almost since you wanted to complete some minor tasks and earn Elektrum along the way, you will want to stop by the Hall of the Gods. In this guide, we will cover how to get Elektrum and what it is used for.

How to get Elektrum in Immortals Fenyx Rising?

Before telling you exactly where to find it, you should first know that the Elektrum is used to obtain special armor, weapons and mounts.

Now, to get the Elektrum, you will first have to go to the Hall of the Gods so that you can look at the Hermes Heroic Task Board. The right side of this board should have various live tasks, the daily missions of this game, that you can accept. These tasks will grant you different amounts of Elektrum.

Certain tasks will even have a gold, silver, or bronze rating, depending on how quickly you can complete them. Logically, gold will provide you with the greatest amount of Elektrum, so you will have to prepare for what comes to it.

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Other tasks will make you go to collect materials they will ask you to collect a certain amount of them, as well as an amount of the corresponding potion. Once a task is completed, you will need to return it to the task board so that it can receive its Elektrum.

You will spend your Elektrum in the Hall of the Gods talking to Hermes. This has a rotating stock that will be updated weekly, providing many premium items. Prices vary and will require multiple tasks to earn enough.

  Now that you know how to get Elektrum in Immortals Fenyx Rising you can have more of this material that will help you acquire useful merchandise for the game. Luck!

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