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2020-12-04 10:22:00

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There are a number of interesting objects in Immortals Fenyx Rising so today we tell you how to get a purple adamantine shard

What is a purple adamantine Shard in Immortals Fenyx Rising?

  This is simply a necessary object that we must obtain as we progress in this game and this is because it usually has certain peculiarities, as it is necessary to make some improvements to our helmet and armor, although it is true they are not the only Shards to use. our team, since there are blue and red adamantine, only these two can be seen easily since some enemies can tip it, while the purple adamantine is a somewhat more complex but equally vital matter.

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How to get a purple adamantine shard in Immortals Fenyx Rising?

It should be noted that this resource is usually scattered throughout the map which makes a complex search, since they can be seen as a type of crystals in the open world of this game, which leads us to have to hit a few aggregated groups of crystals, also it is usually necessary to make it clear that these are usually obtained in a select group of chests, and they are epic chests, in the same way they can be obtained in the clusters of purple Shards.

It is difficult to get some chests that can give us this Shard, however it is usually necessary to embark on a search for epic chests, for which it is necessary to make use of the Distant View, so it is important to take a look to perform a respective search for the specific location where these can be obtained for which it is necessary:

  •  Press the E button on our PC keyboard
  • Press RT-R2 on our console controller.
  • This allows us to see the golden armor symbol which denotes the epic chest.
  • Once located, it is only necessary to move to that place to find it.
  • It is pertinent to mention that this task may involve a puzzle, which in a certain way can be somewhat tedious but in a certain way they are not complicated to solve.


In this sense, knowing how to obtain a purple adamantine Shard allows us to have the possibility of exploring a little through Immortals Fenyx Rising.

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