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2020-12-09 09:27:16

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Immortals Fenyx Rising has arrived and with it failures, so it is necessary to know how to fix not working for Ubisoft members

What does Immortals Fenyx Rising not work for Ubisoft members?

This is a bug that is only presented to Ubisoft members, as it is worth mentioning that this game is available for many platforms and that it has achieved a favorable receptivity, perhaps more than what could be stipulated, which can in a way be a pain of head but that is related to a folder to which it is necessary to rename in order to be able to play with the necessary need.

How to fix not working for Ubisoft members in Immortals Fenyx Rising?

This can be a simple task but if we do not know what it is about we can get stuck, for this it is necessary:
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  • Rename the folder immortalsfenyxrising and choose to place it immortalsfenyxrising1.
  • Choose to rename immortalsfenyxrising_plus to immortalsfenyxrising.
  • Then you need to choose to restart the device and that's it.

Another option to solve this failure is to restart the Uplay client in order to verify the files, for this it is necessary:

  • Start the Uplay client on our PC.
  • Then choose to click on the Games tab.
  • Next we proceed to highlight the game and here click on the arrow icon at the bottom on the right side.
  • Next we select Verify files in case it is necessary. Repair the system will ask us.
  • Then we wait for this process and with it get us that Ubisoft Connect can restore any file that may be missing.

Definitely, knowing how to
fix not working for Ubisoft members, is a necessary task since Immortals Fenyx Rising is simply a phenomenal game of which it is not possible to miss anything.

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