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2020-12-03 07:05:53

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We welcome you to our Fortnite guide, where we will talk about How to find the Razor Crest in Chapter 2 Season 5.

What to know about the razor Crest in Fortnite?

We are in week 1 of chapter 2 season 5 of the game, where we have the possibility of accessing the Mandalorian armor, for this it is required that we find the crest of the razor, passing through the command ship that crashed on the island Apparently, considering the difficulty we will have due to the fact that it is well armored with its shields and a sniper rifle, the command ship is patrolling all over the area, so to understand How to find the crest of the razor in Chapter 2 Season 5 we must be guided by the following content.

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How to find Razor Crest in Chapter 2 Season 5 in Fortnite?

At the edge of the desert this is located, in the precise point of the north of the lazy lake, due to the flaming remains that are protruding from the ship it is possible to overlook the chalk of the razor, so being in this area it is ideal that Let's take out the command ship, which allows you to defeat it and obtain your sniper rifle and the jet pack, thus having a great weapon to maneuver in this new map, it is one of the initial challenges of season 5 chapter 2, with the that we will get to find the Mandalorian skin in the battle pass as part of the armor, finally managing to get the other pieces in their entirety as we progress further in the game.

  Finally, having the guidelines to follow regarding How to find the razor's crest in Chapter 2 Season 5, we can move forward progressing in Fortnite.

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